Husband read my previous post and suggested I fill readers on what I actually do, to show that whilst all those things are constantly there and present dangers of life to deal with, deal with them I do, and rather effectively. Well, most of the time anyway.

So I own and run a very successful accommodation business in a small town. I am currently studying for my Masters of Education, I am teaching myself to draw in order to be one half of creative writing, resilience, motivation and cartooning workshops with Husband on a worldwide level, I work when there is relief available, I consult and run PD days for professionals in the area of literacy identification and intervention, Gifted education, differentiated curriculum implementation and numerous other areas of interest and specialty.

We (Husband and I) also have an apartment on the east coast of Spain where we spend as much time as we can and are in the developmental stages of setting up a community education centre that trains and develops professionals in ALL different departments about many different aspects of childhood. This is set to expand into a global advocacy organisation for children.

I’m feeling a tad tired after writing all that!

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