Forgett…. wait, what was I saying?

So I lost my car. Yup that’s right. Lost it. Not visible, noticeable or present. Not there. Lost.

There will some of you that are reading that thinking ‘hmm that’s understandable I do that all the time in big busy shopping centre car parks or airports’. Great. That’s really great for them. But I was at home, went to get into my car to drive to a school where I had picked up a day’s relief work and no car. Gone vanished. Not there. Lost.

It’s not a little car. It’s a big blue station wagon, so it was definitely not hiding amongst other cars. Just not there, as though someone had waved a magic wand, said a special word and made it disappear. Not there. Lost.

So after my vague concern escalated through mild and landing at major panic stations, I spoke to Husband about where HE thought the car might be. Those who know me will get just how ludicrous this is. See, Husband doesn’t drive. Doesn’t have his licence and loves walking everywhere. He would no more know where my car is at any given moment than know how to wear pantihose, g-string or a tutu properly. (although that does paint an amusing picture).

He suggested I retrace my steps. After swearing at him, “it’s not my bloody keys, it’s a car, not something I would just put down” etc, I did as he suggested, and realised I had left my car around the corner the day before when I stopped to have a coffee with friends and walked home, forgetting I’d even brought the car out in the first place.

24 hours, car forgotten and lost and unnoticed.

Fast forward one week and I’m having lunch with a friend. We talked about a bit of this and a bit of that as you do with friends, when she asked me how my younger sister was faring, at which point I promptly remembered that I was supposed to be at her work 10 minutes previously to collect her and take her home. I’d forgotten my little sister – what a terrible thing to do!

So last week I forgot my blog. Forgot I even had a blog, let alone the writing of a post. And now this post is supposed to be a funny witty tale of all the dippy forgetful things I’ve done over the last two weeks.

But I can’t.

I’ve forgotten what they are.

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