A Bear?



Ever laughed so hard at something that you ended up on the floor gasping for breath, tears running down your face your legs crossed so you don’t wet yourself from laughing so hard?

Well this meme had that effect on me. I’m not sure if it’s the way the bear is perched precariously on the rock, doing his best to look like a frog, or the absurdity of something as big as a bear attempting to be as small as a frog or maybe it’s picturing that no matter how that bear twists, shapes or attempts to make himself look small he will never fit in with the frog population.

Or maybe it was the realisation that I also completely understood the bear. As a gifted child, in a very small country school of 65 students, there was NO WAY I was ever going to ‘fit in’. The absurdity is equal to a bear attempting to be a frog. However, it took me nearly 20 years to work out why I couldn’t fit in, or why I couldn’t be normal, and most of that time I was left wondering what was wrong with me, and how to adapt myself to fit the world.

Like a gorgeous cuddly bear, I have my own strengths and attributes which are best utilised when they are accepted, explored and developed, rather than ignored and belittled in order to try and be a frog. No matter what actions the bear takes, he will never be a frog.

It was only once I accepted being a bear, that I could stop pretending to be a frog.

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