Forgett…. wait, what was I saying?

So I lost my car. Yup that’s right. Lost it. Not visible, noticeable or present. Not there. Lost.

There will some of you that are reading that thinking ‘hmm that’s understandable I do that all the time in big busy shopping centre car parks or airports’. Great. That’s really great for them. But I was at home, went to get into my car to drive to a school where I had picked up a day’s relief work and no car. Gone vanished. Not there. Lost.

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The Darkness Temptation

It will not surprise those who have read my other posts regarding the emotional and sensual sensitivity that gifted people often feel that I sometimes experience depression. Note I didn’t say I struggle with, am a victim of, suffer from or have depression. I have days now and again, usually when I’m tired, that I experience overwhelm and depression, and I could stay in bed for the whole day.

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Gifted 101

Now that I have been writing this blog for a few weeks I have received some private messages from friends, family and others who have read my posts with interest and asked me questions pertaining to its general content matter; that of being a gifted adult. As raising awareness was partly the purpose of starting the blog in the first place I feel it is best if I address their questions publicly.

Comments have ranged from a genuine desire to learn more about something that is unknown to the person through to having no idea but having an opinion anyway (a very human trait) and include such things as “but what actually IS gifted?” “Wow, I can so see myself in some of your writing, maybe I’m gifted too”, “Love your blog Bear, please can you tell me where I can find more information about…” and my personal favourite: “I believe we/children/people are all gifted in our own way”.

So here it is fellow blog readers, Gifted 101.

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It’s a Dog’s Life.

I have many ‘special’ moments.

Husband set me the challenge yesterday of counting how many ‘special’ moments I have in a day. After counting not sitting on the toilet because it was still damp (someone had just had a shower and made the bathroom all steamy) choosing to wear a particular top because it was softer than the alternative and not eating toast for breakfast because it was too crunchy all in the space of about 30 seconds, I decided that task would be too hard to keep track of.

But his question did bring my thinking processes to the foreground, and I became acutely aware not only of how I was thinking; in many different layers, words, thoughts and pictures at the same time, but also of WHAT I was thinking.

At one point during the day I was looking at my dog. She is a very cute dog. In fact she is so cute I have to show you some pictures so you can get just how cute she is.

Feet make great pillows.


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Creating a New Future

I have just participated in one of the most planet and life altering communication courses this weekend and would love to share with you what I can now see is possible in the world.

I request you read this from the point of view that I am sharing my heart fully, and the world I am sharing is a world that I am playing to create for the next generations that inhabit the planet. This is not a small game, and I need you behind me to be able to play full out and be unstoppable in creating this world.

So let me tell you about the weekend. It was an advanced communication course, and through several exercises, conversations and activities I became present to several things that have stopped me in my communication with people. Sounds pretty obvious right; in a communication course discovering what gets in the way of communication? Well, yes, but it is the discovering WHAT got in the way that the surprised me. See, I always thought I was pretty good at communicating, in fact you might be reading this thinking ‘Paula? never shuts up!”. But that was just talking. My communication was something different. Continue reading “Creating a New Future”

Not All Games are Fun

“Come on, its fun!”

This was the sound of my childhood. I tried hard, I really did, but was not a natural athlete. Three years of going to gymnastics twice a week and I couldn’t swing myself on to the bar, twist on the beam or somersault on the mat. To this day my gymnastic prowess ends at being able to execute beautifully a forward roll and a round off; after sufficient warm ups of course.

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Reality Check.

This post is a day late. Sorry about that, life has been a bit hectic.

I was taking some much-needed time out and watching Bones this evening. I mentioned in a previous post that I could really identify with Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. I can also totally identify with Temperance Brennan aka Bones. Husband hates the show, thinks it is gory and gross, and that there are enough real-life tragedies to contend with, never mind CHOOSING to watch another one and so cant fathom why I like it, especially with all my ‘special’ traits. Continue reading “Reality Check.”

Taking a Walk on the Blindside

Emotional Intensity seems to be the order of the day with covering sensual intensity in the last post. It has been really present for me over the last few days, both the benefits of being this ‘intense’ for my friends and family and also the drawbacks.

I want to start with a story. I had a friend, who for the purpose of the blog I’ll name Bobby. He and I had a fantastic connection and were best mates. The only male I was closer to was my husband. Bobby was the brother I’d never had, growing up as I did as third of four sisters. We even had the same birthday and used to joke often about how we were pretty much twins, that the universe had screwed up somewhere along the line. We maintained our friendship over travels, distance and time, clocking up ten years until last February. Continue reading “Taking a Walk on the Blindside”

Because it’s Icky!

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Slowly I extended my hand waiting for the moment of impact. Then it happened, I gasped and pushed on through it, grasping the clay in front of me. It was art time at school and I had allowed the children to persuade me that having Clay Play for art might be fun.

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